Our company, Sophis Educational Systems Ltd, was founded just before the end of 2017, but because we like to look young we usually say that the real birth happened at the beginning of 2018.

The need was created when we realised the poor quality of the available platforms and the need for a powerful and complete school management information system.

Together with a small team, we started thinking what a game-changer could look like. With few drawings on a paper we embarked for a wonderful journey.

Since then the Company has grown to meet the demands of small, medium and large schools and learning centres across all educational branches and across the globe to manage their teaching and business operations in a lean, effective and easy way.

It is our core desire to design and offer complete solutions for our clients and partners so that they don’t have to rely on multiple platforms, each one solving a small part of their needs.

Innovation is at the heart not only on everything that we do, but also on everything that our clients do. And that is what creates the perfect match between us.

Our growth depends on the commitment invested by the members of our team. We are proud to have on board ambitious educators, super-clever scientists and geeky programmers who want to be part and transform the educational technology. It is exactly this enthusiasm and dedication that makes us a trusted provider worldwide.

We are based in West London and although we like it when people say to us that ‘West is the Best’, we prefer the unique places all across London to have our inspiring dinners after work.

Let us change the game.

Do you have questions about i-Nucleus?  Then book an appointment with a member of our team – we would love to hear from you.