From fees up to school meals and financial reporting, i-Nucleus integrates the accounting processes of your school into its ecosystem, with its intuitive, yet powerful module.

Administrators, teachers, parents & students can communicate without the hassle of using external tools or exchange of sensitive personal information.

With the Safeguarding module, i-Nucleus ensures that the safeguarding obligations of your school are met within a secure and role-based environment.

Within the i-Nucleus ecosystem, schools can customise and streamline all their academic processes and requirements.

The i-Nucleus timeline graphs, automated student reporting and evaluations offer thorough insights on the students’ learning progression.

With the admissions module, the recruitment of new students is done without errors, in a seamless and efficient way.

i-Nucleus’ robust calendar feature allows the quick and easy administration your school’s timetable.

Human resourcing is an essential factor in every school and i-Nucleus is incorporating a unique, yet simple way to manage the staff.

With i-Nucleus you can maintaining accurate records of each of your school’s classes giving the teachers the best tools they need to deliver exceptional lessons.

i-Nucleus offers an integrated environment so that schools can provide their classes online, seamlessly, no matter the location of the students or the teachers.

The Smart Scheduling® module allows the design of school timetables in a fraction of time compared to other complicated, heavy and difficult-to-use tools.

With real-time reporting, the Transportation module allows the customising, management and monitoring of all the bus routes of your school.

With a simple booking tool, schools can keep their parents engaged and provide full visibility on the progress of their students.

Our unique app is available to teachers, parents & students, with live notifications and updates on-the-go.

With our state-of-the-art Cloud technologies, i-Nucleus offers all of its features and benefits regardless the location of its users.

Let us change the game.

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