With real-time reporting, the Transportation module allows the customising, management and monitoring of all the bus routes of your school.

  • Route Customisation

Administrators can define the routes of their coaches, depending on the geographical area or the period of the day.

  • Flexibility for daily changes

Although students can register their standard route of choice, their parents have the ability to request on an ad-hoc basis different picking-up or drop-off points during the day.

  • Management of coaches

The i-Nucleus Transportation module holds all the important data about the coaches of your school, allowing administrators the full control of the fleet, in terms of capacity, availability, maintenance and costs.

  • Enhance reports

Either in print, email or via the portal, the drivers and the administrators can have a bird’s eye view of the daily schedule and get real-time updates for any changes.

  • Real-time tracking

Our interactive maps allow administrators and parents to have a real-time update about the pick-ups, drop-offs and the progress of the bus route for their students.