The i-Nucleus timeline graphs, automated student reporting and evaluations offer thorough insights on the students’ learning progression.

  • Class performance graphs and timeline

Based on the daily evaluation from their tutors during their classes, i-Nucleus produces bar charts and timeline graphs to show how their learning progresses. The figures can show where a student might have a problem so that teachers can be proactive in helping them. Parents also can see how they perform during each class.

  • Record test performance and exam results

Record your students’ test for each of their classes and their final performances on their exams so that you can see how each one of them has progressed. You can also see the timeline graph for the student performance on tests over time and how it compares with the class & national average.

  • Automatic report preparation

For each of your students’ class, i-Nucleus collects all the relevant data and, together with the teacher’s feedback, they can prepare comprehensive reports summarising the performance of the student. The reports are saved and emailed automatically to the students and parents.

Our aggregated weekly student reports are emailed to parents to maximise their engagement and involvement.