i-Nucleus offers an integrated environment so that schools can provide their classes online, seamlessly, no matter the location of the students or the teachers.

  • Online whiteboard

Our online whiteboard allows teachers to deliver their lessons either by writing on a blank whiteboard or annotate their uploaded slides. Teachers can upload multiple teaching materials and make them available to students to download on their local devices. They can switch between slides and blank whiteboard, draw diagrams and shapes, write text and equations and include videos. They can also choose to share whole or a section of their screen, use their camera or simply use only their microphone.

  • Interactive student sessions

Apart from voice communication, teachers can allow students to participate interactively either by their own writing on the board or by sending live messages. Teachers can also use the tools to create live questionnaires to students so that they can make their lessons more fun and interesting to them. Those powerful ways ensure that students continue to participate and benefit from the online sessions.

  • Recording of the online sessions

Did a student miss a session? Worry no more. Teachers can record their sessions and make them available to the students for a later view. This can also be a very useful tool also for students who attended the session but wish to review it again later on. This is another way that your school can enhance the care of your students’ learning since there are no excuse any more for missed lessons.

  • Asynchronous learning

Combined with our Class Record tools, teachers can upload their teaching and homework material which students can download on their personal devices. Once students complete their work, they are able to upload the files, photos or screenshots of their homework under their corresponding class so that theirs tutors can review and provide them with feedback. This way you can rest assure that each one of your students receives the individual attention and feedback they need, enhancing their learning experience.

  • Learn from any device, any time, any place

We have designed the online courses so that students and teachers experience a seamless and smooth experience. Teachers create an online class just by the click of a button. Students receive a notification on their app and, also by the click of a single button via their online portal or smartphone application, they can join their classes wherever they are using their preferred device (laptop, smartphone or tablet).