Administrators, teachers, parents & students can communicate without the hassle of using external tools or exchange of sensitive personal information.

  • Student & Teachers communication

Students & Teachers can communicate, send messages and upload files within their own portal and app accounts. Administrators and teachers can also communicate with students and their parents/guardians through the safe environment of i- Nucleus without the exchange of personal information.

  • Class communication via email and SMS

Administrators and teachers can communicate internally via emails and mobile text messages (SMS) with the whole of the class and/or with the parents of that class, without the hassle of using external tools and without the exchange of sensitive personal information and details.

  • Group Announcements

Administrators can make fast group announcements to specific classes, visible to students, parents or teachers and attach documents. The announcements will be delivered via app notifications, emails or sms.

  • Online Live Chat

With our integrated Chat tool, the administrators can create quickly chat groups within a secure and transparent environment, ensuring the safeguarding and monitoring of all communications, especially when students are involved, without the exchange of personal details.