With the admissions module, the recruitment of new students is done without errors, in a seamless and efficient way.

  • Admissions Management

i-Nucleus is designed to streamline the nurturing of new registrations and improve the admissions process, by offering all the standard tools needed for a smooth and efficient transition from a new student to a successful student.

  • Record test performance and exam results

Record your students’ test for each of their classes and their final performances on their exams so that you can see how each one of them has progressed. You can also see the timeline graph for the student performance on tests over time and how it compares with the class & national average.

  • Tracking your school’s admissions

i-Nucleus enables administrators to monitor the efficiency, but also the effectiveness of their admissions processes, as students pass through the different stages.

  • Customised registration forms

With the i-Nucleus admissions system, you can embed your school’s Student Registration Form to reflect the Terms and Conditions of your school. The registration forms are emailed to the parents and students and recorded so that you always have control of the stage of each admission.

  • Follow up history and reminders

When it comes to admissions, handling many students can be taunting. With i-Nucleus, you can set up reminders for each admission, track the history of their communication and upload and view relevant documents so that you are always ahead of your admissions pipeline.

  • Admissions finances

The i-Nucleus invoicing system has been designed in a way to help your new admissions settle their financial arrangements in a timely and efficiency way. Together with our Finance module, you can always maintain a healthy and consistent cash flow for your school.