Within the i-Nucleus ecosystem, schools can customise and streamline all their academic processes and requirements.

  • Design qualifications & courses

Create customised qualifications and allocate courses to each one. Assign credits to each course and prepare and print your customised accreditation certificates once the students have completed the required courses.

  • Student Academic Overview

Administrators can have a bird’s eye view of the academic qualification that each of their students is working towards, their associated courses, the classes they have been assigned and the amount of credits they have collected so far. On successful completion of their required courses and hours, you can issue and print your school’s customised accreditation certificates, only with the press of a single button.

  • Customised Surveys

i-Nucleus provides the ability to create customised surveys which can be sent to parents, teachers or students. The results are collected and summarised with powerful statistical graphs so that school administrators and key decision-makers can have valuable information for the performance of their school.

  • Maintain your school’s resource bank

Documents and teaching resources can be uploaded by users and can be further organised regarding their target audience and purpose. No more forgotten files or lost printings.

  • Organised material by type or by customised folders.

Teachers can organise the uploaded material using our predefined sections, or they can create your own customised folders, as per their teaching needs.

  • Organised specifications and past papers

i-Nucleus offers the unique ability to describe the official qualification exams your students are working towards, based on their individual specifications. You can create a bank of past papers and exam questions to streamline the teaching of your students.

  • Stay on top of the coming exams

When recording the dates and times of your students’ exams, teachers, students and parents can always have a bird’s-eye view of the deadlines. Teachers rest assured that they can always deliver their teaching targets without missing the constraints and the deadlines of the exams.