Teachers & Tutors Management

It is the people who will make the difference

It is the people who will make the difference


Human resourcing is an essential factor in every business and managing your tutors can be a full-time job. i-Nucleus is incorporating a unique, yet simple way to manage your teachers and tutors. Whether they are in the stage of applying or during the interviewing process up to be recruited and working for you, you can rest assured that you have the right tools to find the talented staff you are after.

Profile filtering.

Keeping track of all teachers that come to your door, registering and remembering their skills can be a daunting job. With i-Nucleus, you will be able to record their skills and everything else you wish to know about each tutor so that that you can always find the right people to staff your operations with the click of a button.

Customised contracts.

i-Nucleus can take away the paperwork burden of preparing contracts for each of your tutors. We can prepare your customised contracts for your staff so that you can be assured that everything is taken care for you, automatically.

Hour reporting.

When tutors record their class hours via the class record, you can view quickly the lessons that have been delivered by each tutor, filter them by date and/or class and find out their total cost to your business. Not only can you monitor the progress of their classes, but you can also track their payments to keep your company’s finances under control.

Documents and files in a single place.

i-Nucleus offers very quick access to all the necessary documents and files for your staff. Be it their CV, contacts or other legal documents; you can store them under a single place and organise them in different customised folders, as per your unique needs. The repository is stored safely, and only senior members of your team can access them.

Set up reminders and tasks.

We all know those moments when we have a task in our minds that have to be done, and we forget it the next hour. With our reminders, you can set up tasks and actions that need to be taken for each of your staff. Optimised the operations means acting even on the smallest tasks and i-Nucleus makes sure that nothing is lost.

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