Keeping track of your leads

Keeping track of your leads


i-Nucleus’ prospect management section allows you to capture leads, nurture them and transform potential students into being your students.

Online Prospective Management.

Full student registration for new students, detailing data for student classes, payment plans and the business’ terms and conditions.

Tracking your institute’s sales prospects.

Enables owners to monitor their centres’ progress as new customer pass through the stages of the sales channels both leading to Finances and Marketing with insights.

Customised registration forms.

With the i-Nucleus CRM system, you can embed your own Student Registration Form to reflect the Terms and Conditions of your business.  The contracts are emailed to the clients and recorded so that you always have control of the stage of each lead.

Maximise class occupancy.

When recording prospects, you can view the availability of the classes based on the required courses so that you can maximise the occupancy rate of your classrooms.

Follow up history and reminders.

When it comes to growth, handling many leads can be taunting. With i-Nucleus, you can set up reminders for each prospect and track the history of the communication and upload and view relevant documents so that you always are ahead of your sales pipeline.

Invoicing to achieve short conversion time.

The i-Nucleus invoicing system has been designed in a way to help you convert your prospects quickly into paying clients. Together with our cash flow monitor, you can always maintain a healthy and consistent cash flow.

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