Information is power

Information is power

Available only to the account owner and managers, i-Nucleus offers essential graphing tools to monitor the state of your Company, evaluate your targets and identify opportunities for improvements.

Senior administrators can view data and graphs per school year such as:

  1. Number of students
  2. Revenue 
  3. Six-month revenue projection
  4. Hours taught
  5. Six-months revenue projection
  6. Number of prospects
  7. Number of prospects per marketing channel
  8. Conversion rates per marketing channel

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About i-Nucleus

Sophis Educational Systems was founded just before the end of 2017 but, because we like to look young, we usually say that the real birth happened at the beginning of 2018.

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Company Information

i-Nucleus was designed and developed under the blue skies of London by Sophis Educational Systems Ltd, registered in England and Wales with Company registration number 11141353.