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One of the main pillars that make the i-Nucleus platform unique is its intuitive and powerful handling of the financial data of your school. As this is an essential element for the growth of every business, we have worked with our customers to design the necessary tools so that your school can maintain a healthy cash flow and senior members of your team can take informed decisions about the future steps of the company. All of our financial features come with customised filters for a given period of time and/or each of the branches of your educational institution.

Recording of the revenue

Together with the recording of the student fees, members of the administration team can record any other source of income for the company (book sales, consulting services etc).

Recording of the expenses

Members of the administration team can record the expenses of the company on a given date, allocate the vendor, attach receipts and other documents and categorise each type of expense for a later data analysis and insights.

Credit control

Based on the agreed payment plans and the payments made by each student, the members of the administration team can have a bird’s eye view of the outstanding amounts. That way you will never need to worry about remembering for the next payments since i-Nucleus will notify you about overdue payments so that you can always maintain healthy cash flow.

Cash flow reporting

i-Nucleus allows you to create financial reports of your revenue and your expenses on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. You can download the graphs, filter them by date range and/or branch and gain a powerful insight about the status of your finances.