i-Nucleus Features

Our Features

Calendar and Resource Management

i-Nucleus’s robust calendar feature allows you to quickly and easily track, arrange, and organise even the wildest of schedules.

Students Management

At the core of i-Nucleus’ features is the management of students. From an overview of their academic progression to credit control and fees management, you can always monitor the status of each of your students most simply and intuitively.

Teachers Management

Human resourcing is an essential factor in every business and managing your tutors can be a full-time job. i-Nucleus is incorporating a unique, yet simple way to manage your teaching staff.

Online Classes

i-Nucleus offers an integrated environment so that you can provide your classes online. With a seamless process  you can rest assure that you continue your teaching activities no matter the location of your students.

Class Management

With i-Nucleus you can create the classes and allocate students, whilst maintaining accurate records so that your teachers can get the technical tools they need to deliver exceptional lessons.

Resource Management for Teaching and Qualifications

i-Nucleus offers a platform for organising the content and the resources of the courses and the qualifications you are offering in a simple, clear and structured way.


i-Nucleus’ section for admissions management allows you to capture leads, nurture them and transform potential students into being your students.


Visible only by the account owner and managers, i-Nucleus offers essential graphing and statistical tools to monitor the state of your Company, evaluate your targets and identify opportunities for improvement.


One of the main pillars that make the i-Nucleus platform unique is its intuitive and powerful handling of the financial data of your company.