Classes Management

Making every lesson count

Making every lesson count


Running a class is perhaps one of the most important activities of any educational establishment. With i-Nucleus you can create the classes and allocate students, whilst maintaining accurate records so that your teachers can get the technical tools they need to deliver exceptional lessons. All the records of each class are visible to students and parent throughout their portal so that they are always up-to-date with their progression.

Class record – No more forgotten homework.

At the end of each class, the teacher fills in the class record with the syllabus taught and the homework assigned to the students. Each student is evaluated for their performance based on your customised performance indications.

Parent notification.

The safety of the students is paramount so parents will get notified when students are absent or late from their classes.

Lessons planning.

With i-Nucleus’ Scheme of Work, teachers and tutors can plan their lessons and have an overview of their progression throughout the syllabus. They can see spot delays or gaps and they can focus on delivering exceptional teaching, taking away the anxiety and worries of planning.

Resources planning.

The Scheme of Work is designed in a way to allow teachers to attach resources to each lesson, so that students can access them online through their portal. Students are able to download the resources at any time, so no more excuses for lost handouts or expensive printings.

Class email communication.

Administrators and teachers can communicate internally via emails with the whole of the class and/or the parents, without the hassle of using external tools.

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