Calendar and Resource Management

Scheduling made easy

i-Nucleus’s robust calendar feature allows you to quickly and easily track, arrange, and organise even the wildest of schedules. With over six different calendar view combinations including daily, weekly and monthly agenda for Classes, Tutors and Rooms and colour-coded events, you can have bird’s eye view of the diary and spot potential conflicts.

Diary & Calendar management

Class Administration for single and repeated lessons. The Calendar supports various combinations – Single Classes, Group Classes, Class Rooms and Class Tutors – you can set up the frequency of all the recurring classes, taking away the anxiety of the weekly scheduling.

Spot scheduling conflicts

When scheduling a new lesson, you can easily observe a conflict with the resources. The colour-coded events of each user allow you to optimise their time and spot gaps in their calendar.

Manage schedule changes right from the calendar

Drag & Drop classes to a new time, new teacher or new location in seconds. On top of your customised teaching periods, you can resize the duration of the lessons according to your needs.

Customised for Parents, Students and Tutors

Classes can be seen by all users who log into their portal and view their customisable calendar. No more missed or forgotten lessons since the i-Nucleus calendar ensures the right people to the right place at the right time.

Broadcast events

If you wish to make an event visible to all students and their parents, the i-Nucleus calendar allows events broadcasting, so that all students and parents can see them in their calendar.

Set up private events

Do you need to get some privacy? The i-Nucleus Calendar offers you the option to create private events visible only to you.