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Accelerate learning

Improve the teaching and accelerate the learning of the students by keeping track of the lessons and key performance indicators of each student. Develop Schemes Of  Work, create a bank of assessment documents and upload teaching resources to be shared with students.

Calendar & Resource Scheduling

Advanced scheduling facility for your single or recurring classes, private events or plenary student events. Allocate teachers and rooms to classes so that the right people are always in the right place at the right time. Spot conflicts and gaps quickly and avoid inefficient operations.


Student Information

Store and manage information about your students – enrolment status, contacts, student reports, class performance, academic progression, financial arrangements, payments and documents.


Students & Parents Portal

Keep parents involved in their child’s progress with homework, assignment grades, resources and email alerts for grades and attendance. With the iOS and Android apps, they are always informed and updated.


Sales & Marketing Management

Keep track of the progress of your sales and manage your client relations. Unique tools for getting insights into the effectiveness of your marketing channels and conversion rates. Set up reminders and create customised contracts and invoices for quick and effective enrolments.


Reports & Analytics

Gather and maintain detailed records for your students in every branch. Analyse data and generate reports to gain insights to improve the operations of your educational business. See the growth of the company with simple and clear graphs so that you can be reactive to possible problems, reduce inefficiencies and strengthen up profitable channels.


Dynamic Billing Tools

Essential financial tools, including tuition billing management, invoice tracking, payment reports, registrations forms and agreements. Get reminders when payments are overdue so that you can always secure healthy and steady cash flow.


Manage Multiple Branches

You can manage the operations of multiple branches under a single platform, accelerating the growth of your company. With unlimited students per branch, we have taken away the burden of extra costs so that you can focus on adding value to your business.


Access From Anywhere

Access your account from anywhere over the internet using your web browser. There is no software to install or maintain and it supports all modern devices. All the information is securely stored, and you have the ultimate control of the access level for each of your users.

Client Testimonials

Why people love us

We couldn’t hope for a better software. The intuitive design of i-Nucleus and its unique features have accelerated the value we add to our students and their parents. 

Phi Tuition, London, UK

As a recently established tuition centre, i-Nucleus gave us the security we need to set the grounds for excellent systems and processes. Our teachers and students just love it.

Prisma, Kilkis, Greece

We used to have another platform, but it just couldn’t compete with the features of i-Nucleus. i-Nucleus worth the investment without doubts. 

Noisis, Kilkis, Greece

We got impressed by i-Nucleus since the first day. It is very easy to use by everyone and the technical support has been incredible !

Diagonios, Thessaloniki, Greece

Simple Subscription to Fit Your Unique Demands

Competitive Price

With three different tiers to choose from, it offers excellent value for money, outperforming any other solution. You don’t need to worry about how many students you have per branch. We have taken away this burden allowing you to focus on growing your business.

1-Month Free Trial

We know you don’t want to start paying for something you haven’t tried yet and we are very confident that you will be impressed by our features.  So, you can use the system for 1 month for free and find out what we have to offer

Flexibility and Freedom

The i-Nucleus pricing is in the form of ‘Software as a Service’, which is the most modern and reliable way for effective operation of any computerised system. You can always upgrade or downgrade the service as per your needs.

Annual Subscription

24/7 Chat and Email support
Student Progress Reporting
Calendar / Resource Management
iOS and Android App
Insight Graphs
Student Class Performance Graph
Customer Relationship Management
Finances and Credit Control
Email Notifications to Parents
Class Communication
Maximum number of students150300600
Max file storage2 GB5 GB10 GB
Max number of Branches246
Text Message Notifications to Parents
Student Timeline Performance Graph
Client Invoicing
Customised Client and Tutor Contracts
Students and Parents Questionnaire

Our on-boarding service

We are confident that anyone can find their way around our brilliant software. But in case you wish to get hands-on help on how to maximise the benefits of i-Nucleus, we can set it up and customise the platform for you, with our on-boarding services for an additional one-off fee.

The service will include the following:

  • Helping set up the site and its integrations,
  • Help on configuring the branches, classes and courses,
  • Business process mapping,
  • Admin and team training,

We’re happy to tailor the on-boarding package to your exact needs and business processes.

Are you with a different provider?

Have you tried i-Nucleus and you liked its amazing features, but you are worried about switching from a different provider? Worry no more. With no additional cost, i-Nucleus can migrate all the necessary data from your old platform, provided that your existing provider offers the data-exporting facility. With our unique data migration tools, you can rest assured that you will have a smooth transition, without interruptions to your business.

Do you have more questions?

What is i-Nucleus and who is it for?

i-Nucleus is designed for any small to medium size educational centre, such a private tuition centres, language centres or academies. Individual tutors can also benefit by the features of the platform.

How much does i-Nucleus cost?

All clients start with a free 30-day trial. We have 3 basic types of price plans with different features to match your unique requirements. You can find full details of the cost structure on our pricing page.

How safe is my data?

All information which passes between our servers and your computer is encrypted using high-grade 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, the same technology that banks use to protect data. We are constantly working to ensure that we meet the GDPR compliance requirements.

Our servers are hosted by Fasthost, a hosting facility with two data centres in England. Fasthost is ISO 27001 certified and has very tightly controlled physical security and highly resilient networking and power facilities.

Of course, you own your data. You can export all of your i-Nucleus data at any time in Excel Spreadsheet (XLS) format, and analyse it or back it up yourself, as you see fit.

More about data and security.

How private is my data?

We take your privacy very seriously.

Our Privacy Policy has the full details, but in a nutshell i-Nucleus is built around the principle that only you (or people you give login access to) can access your data. We undertake never to reveal any data to anyone, unless required to do so by law.

Do you have a referral scheme?

Yes, we do.

We are confident that you will love i-Nucleus so if you know of other businesses who you think will benefit from i-Nucleus, let us know. If they subscribe to i-Nucleus via your referral, you’ll both receive a 10% discount on your next subscription payment. You’ll both keep getting the 10% discount so long as the original referrer still subscribes to i-Nucleus.

You’ll receive a further 10% discount for each subsequent referral you make, so if you make ten successful referrals you’ll be using i-Nucleus for free!

How do I make the payment?

Once your trial period ends or when you renew your subscription, we will send an invoice to your email with all the payment details. You will be able to pay via a bank transfer or any major debit or credit card.

Can I migrate my old data to i-Nucleus?

Of course. If you are with a different provider and you wish to transfer to us, i-Nucleus has the tools to migrate the data from your old platform in a seamless and hassle-free way. Just let us know and we will be more than happy to help you.

Do I have to buy the on-boarding service?

No necessarily.  However one of our support people can get hands-on work in your business site, customise the settings, provide training and tips to your team and advise you on how to best maximise the benefits of i-Nucleus.


Don’t stress – our incredible support team is here to help.

Kenneth, Anna and Angela are just some of the friendly, UK-based support gurus who are ready to help when you get stuck. Just get in touch – by phone, live chat, or email.

We would love to hear from you so drop us a line.

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About i-Nucleus

Sophis Educational Systems was founded just before the end of 2017 but, because we like to look young, we usually say that the real birth happened at the beginning of 2018.

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Company Information

i-Nucleus was designed and developed under the blue skies of London by Sophis Educational Systems Ltd, registered in England and Wales with Company registration number 11141353.